Benissa's Village



Benissa's Village is a non-profit and an umbrella organization under FG Apparel, a black veteran owned local printing business located in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

We are a fulfilment center that helps small and local businesses produce and sell their merchandise.

We also serve individuals who want custom products such as apparel, bags, tumblers, dog tags, invitations, banners, and much more! We also partner with other non-government organizations to help uplift the lives of disabled and homeless veteran communities, minority communities, mentally challenged communities, service dogs, etc.


Our Mission

Benissa's Village mission is to serve, empower and connect our Downriver Community through the Arts.

Our Vision

We envision a village founded by Michigan residents and local artists ― may they be professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and even beginners.

Benissa's Village shall be a creative and a communal space where villagers can freely create, learn, share, hone, and teach their crafts and talents.

We stand by the principle that no idea is too small and no imagination is too big in a village that is empowered to be creative and to be curious.

Donate to Benissa's Village

Please consider donating to Benissa's Village to encourage creative minds in our neighborhoods. Your donation will help our Village continue to be able to provide free art community sessions around Michigan, and various opportunities for our local artists. We are grateful for any amount. 

We send you our deepest gratitude for your unwaiving support through this unprecedented times!